Student Visa

Overview: Australian standard of education and their pursuit of excellence in the education sector is world-renowned. This visa is designed to provide an opportunity to international students to come and study in Australia. The immigration law for students from the globe is open and welcoming. Moreover, students studying in Australia can later apply for temporary and permanent residential visas. Australian study visas also allow students to work.

Study visa has the following subclasses:

Subclass 500 – Student Visa
Subclass 590 – Student Guardian Visa

General Criteria

  • Enrolment in a course of study (eCOE)
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Evidence of financial ability to cover course fees, international travel costs and living costs associated with the applicants’ stay in Australia (including funds for any family unit members)
  • Acquiring health insurance (OSHC) overseas student’s health cover

Financial Expense:

The visa cost fees is $620 AUD for the main applicant. However, the expense includes health insurance, tuition fees, living expense, police check, biometrics & health check-ups which varies individual to individual.

Each student visa stream has individual visa requirements.

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