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Vision overseas Australia is a registered immigration company, founded in Melbourne in 2009. Our objective is to provide stress-free and inexpensive visa consultancy and immigration solutions to people who aspire to study, work or live in Australia. We remove hurdles from the immigration process and make it accessible to everyone. Our company is a team, comprising of Australian immigration law experts, qualified and specialist consultants who are determined to assist organizations and individuals in their journey to acquire Australian visas. With the ever-evolving visa categories, visa requirements and international we offer you guidance to secure visas according to latest Australian immigration laws and standards.

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Specialized in providing personalized education and migration services in Australia for foreigners from all walks of life and backgrounds.

DAMA / Labour Agreement

Overview: DAMA is a formal agreement between the state, regional, or territory authority and the Australian Government which provides access to more overseas workers. DAMA labor agreements are generally in effects for 5 years. Currently, there are seven DAMAs in Place: Northern Territory: Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement The Goldfields,…

Ministerial Interventional

Overview: Under the circumstances of visa refusal or unsuccessful at the review tribunals, The Minister has powers to intervene in your case under the Migration Act 1958. A key factor in this intervention is the preparation of your submission package to the Minister. We will help you to prepare such complete…

AAT Appeal

Overview: AAT stands for Administrative Appeal Tribunal. Applicants can apply for the review of their visa cancellation or refusal to AAT. AAT is the independent body from the Department of Home Affairs. AAT has power to consider the applicant’s migration matter on merit grounds and can remit/affirm the original decision made…

Tourist Visa

Overview: Tourist visa is a subclass of the visitor visa category. Tourist visa holders allows individuals to visit Australia to see their family or visit places, monuments and/or buildings. Types of Tourist visa: Tourist stream (Inside Australia) Tourist stream (Outside Australia) Sponsored family stream Business visitor stream Approved Destination status stream…

Training Visa

Subclass 407 – Training Visa Overview: This is a temporary visa that allows individuals to come to Australia to engage in occupational training activities for the purpose of licensing, capacity building and skill improvement. You can acquire this visa to improve your expertise in your field of profession. On training visa,…

Parent Visa

Overview: Individuals residing in Australia who want their parents to come and live with them. This visa allows parents to join their children. Parent visa has following subclasses: Subclass 103 – Parent Visa This visa type can take up to 30 years. Eligibility The parents must: Have children who are Australian…

Working Holiday Visa

Overview: The working holiday visa is a special visa specifically for individuals from countries involved in the “working holiday program’ with Australia. This visa enables people to work and take a holiday in Australia at the same time, for up to a year. Individuals must carry a working passport from any…

Student Visa

Overview: Australian standard of education and their pursuit of excellence in the education sector is world-renowned. This visa is designed to provide an opportunity to international students to come and study in Australia. The immigration law for students from the globe is open and welcoming. Moreover, students studying in Australia can…

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